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  • This website is currently accepting article submissions. If you like games and have opinions, send them to us; we might post them here. You would receive full credit, and our gratitude of course (but not much else as this is not a commercial site.)

  • So Aliens: Colonial Marines is getting poor reviews (42/100 on Metacritic). I was looking forward to the WiiU version as I heard it was going to be best on that console. Perhaps I should be glad it was delayed, I saved $60. What’s up Gearbox?

Nintendo Land Logo

Borderlands 2 Madness is in full effect. We have arrived at Pandora, ready to get down to the business of killing and looting. And let me tell you; business is good!



Does Nintendo have another Mario Bros. hit for us? New Super Mario Bros. 2 is out now for 3DS. Will it score a perfect 1000 coin rating? JBlaw has initial impressions and a review HERE!



Is there room in the video game console market for another player? Could a start-up company steal market-share from the likes of Microsoft, Sony, Apple and Nintendo? Can you say Ouya?



Nintendo WiiU

Will consoles ever break free of the Television? Is that what defines them? Ask the WiiU.



  • Star Wars 1313 is Generating a Lot of Buzz

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