Jun 04 2012

2012 – E3 Preview

With the current generation of consoles nearing the end of their life cycles, this years E3 is bound to have some big announcements from the top 3. In fact, we already know some key details about the next Nintendo system: “Wii U”. We can expect to hear a lot about this system from Nintendo as they seem to be nearest  to releasing their next console to market. Because most of our pre-E3 information has come from Nintendo, This post will focus on some new details related to the WiiU.

Nintendo has shown how the production version of the game pad hardware has evolved slightly from the prototype shown previously.


Nintendo WiiU production gamepad

Nintendo WiiU prototype production gamepad


It is clear that Nintendo is aiming for a higher level of integration into the gamers lifestyle by providing tablet style web browsing, a built-in T.V. remote, texing and IM; and social features including a deeper more meaningful way for Wiis to interact: “wara wara” (their name for the built in social Nintendo community application). On that note, get used to hearing the term “Miiverse” (the built in game game network), as this buzzword will become an everyday word soon.


Nintendo WiiU Pro controller

Nintendo WiiU Pro controller


It has been noted that the WiiU will accept all previous controls from the Wii including nunchucks and balance board, so that is a plus for anyone who invested in Wii hardware.

Full coverage of major E3 announcements will follow, with more focus on Sony and Microsoft in the next few days.

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