Aug 19 2012

Super Mario Bros 2 – Review – Part 1, Initial Impressions

nsmb2 3ds Numismatics


…Now that she has finally put down the game and taken a moment to write it, Part 2 is available HERE.


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A self confessed Nintendophile and lover of all things Mario. JBlaw is the code name for our associate girl gamer. She has been known to engage in all manners of video game on any format imaginable. I once saw her get a high score on a crude space invaders clone she made herself by reflecting sunlight from a handful of shiny pennies and nickles onto the ceiling. That is kind of a video game right? First Console: NES Favorite Genre: Action/RPG Most Awkward Fetish: Pointy ears


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  1. Cherr

    i was exactly talking about this with a friend yesterday, and now i found about it in your blog. this is awesome!

  2. Mell

    Awesome review, thank you very much

  1. ZombieNinjaBot

    [...] « Super Mario Bros 2 – Review – part one, initial impressions [...]

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