Sep 09 2012

Borderlands 2 Preview, Countdown to Launch Date

Borderlands 2 will be released in North America on September 18th for PC, Xbox360 and PS3. Like the original Borderlands, this sequel is a first person shooter with role playing elements. Some of what made Borderlands special were the vast possibilities for weapon drops and the great co-op play for up to 4 players. Finding those rare guns and other items in random spots was like its own mini-game, you never knew what would turn up, and “looting” was a big part of the fun. Borderlands set itself apart from other first person shooters with its impressive visual style; the cell shading is fantastic. Also, Borderlands multiplayer was not about “team vs. team” or “deathmatch”. The co-op play made it fun for hardcore and casual gamers to join forces without hurting the experience for either. Borderlands 2 is expected to be more of the same, as the basic formula seems unchanged. Everything will be improved upon and tweaked to give us a bigger more awesome game experience than before!

As we count down the last days before its official launch, we will post a set of character bio’s so you know what to expect.

Click the Icon to see the character bios:

Axton - The Commando  Maya - The Siren  Salvador - The GunZerkerZer0 - The Assassin   


Which Character class will you play first in Borderlands 2?


And be sure to check out the official site by clicking here.

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