Sep 11 2012

Borderlands 2 Character Bio: Zer0 – The Assassin

Zer0 - The Assassin

Zer0 – The Assassin

Like a Space Ninja, complete with a blade for melee attacks. He looks mysterious and he is. Little is known of this characters back story, but what we have seen in previews shows how this character can kick serious ass. A main skill for Zer0 is deception, which lets him become invisible, and while in stealth mode a holographic decoy distracts enemies, allowing him to sneak up or behind his targets. While he is good up close with that blade, he can also handle a sniper like a pro.

Zer0’s skill tree includes ‘Sniping’ ‘Cunning’ and ‘Bloodshed’. (Notice how the 3 main skill branches pretty much define the character – brilliant!)



Zer0 skill tree

Zer0 skill tree

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