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The ZombieNinjaBot

A long time gamer, I remember having to reach up to press those Arcade buttons and it has been a string of amazing moments ever since. I am an ’80′s kid of the Atari generation. I dream in 8 bit, and I have fragged with the best of them.

The first game I remember playing: Pac-Man on a cocktail table.

First console: The legendary Atari 2600

I don’t discriminate when it comes to games but my current console of choice is aΒ  PC I put together myself.

These days I play when I can, and having 2 kids has brought life around full circle. Now I share the video game glow with them. I watch them experience games for the first time. It makes me see how far the whole scene has come in my time. Now I am giving back and for what it is worth, I am adding my voice to the great noise.

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